Month: February 2005

  • Ironman NZ Monday 2-28-05 Arrival in Auckland and Taupo

    It’s always interesting to board a flight to a famous triathlon or Ironman competition. As you check in, you always see others with huge bike boxes in line with you. Where else would they be going but to the Ironman you’re going to? The plane ride was uneventful. I slept the whole way. An uncomfortable […]

  • Last Minute Checks

    Hanging out here in my LA apartment and going through my stuff one last time. Sunglasses, GU, water bottles, bike helmet, bike looks ok… I always feel like I’ve forgotten something. I guess I’ll have a week to replace it in NZ if I did. I did forget my bike helmet last year at Pacific […]

  • Ironman NZ number 861!

    Finally found my race number: 861 – age group Male 35-39.

  • Reflections: Goals for 2005 and Beyond

    As I come to my first Ironman, I reflect on the experience and think about triathlon goals I have for this coming year and beyond. Here they are: CYCLING: To see how close I can get my fitness/strength/abilities to Lance Armstrong. My coach laughed when I told him this, because it was exactly his goal […]

  • ART and Feeling like Humpty Dumpty

    ART stands for Active Release Techniques. It has been my savior over the last few months leading up to the NYC Marathon and Ironman NZ. It is a unique massage technique which breaks down scar tissue, inducing recovery and healing, and also prevention/curing of scar tissue which is from muscle fibers breaking down and laying […]

  • Workout burnout

    Man these last two weeks have been tough. The long biking and running sessions over the many weeks has left me a bit burned out for training. My coach has reassured me that my fitness is more than adequate to cross the finish line, but I can’t help but wonder if I left anything out, […]

  • Preparing to go

    Ugh. The worst part about triathlons is the packing beforehand. What to bring, or not to bring…and then worry about 2 weeks in New Zealand. I guess I’ll just have to consider everything as disposable! I hope my ZIPP 404 race wheels survive. They are packed in along with my Ritchey Breakaway, a packable bike. […]

  • What does Ironman mean to me?

    Well, it’s been a grueling but rewarding 4 months of hard training for Ironman New Zealand. As I reflect on the experience over the last few months, I have thought deeply about what does finishing Ironman mean to me. These thoughts are: 1. The struggle for training was very high at times. My coach would […]

  • Gonna Fly Now

    “Gonna Fly Now…Gonna Fly Now….” Yesterday, I ran a triple brick as part of my Ironman training. Basically, I ran almost a half ironman yesterday! Just thinking about that is amazing in the fact that I struggled to finish Vineman Half Ironman last year in a tad less than 6 hours. And now I run […]