Month: October 2006

  • Redlining it to NYC

    These last few weeks have been really interesting from a training perspective. I have experienced true “redlining” of my abilities in many of my workouts. This has really shown up in my track workouts at trying to maintain a super high pace for a given distance, whether it’s 800 meters or distance tempo workouts of […]

  • Pulling with Paddles, Swim Training Controversy

    These last few months I’ve been building up my use of paddles while swimming. It was hard in the beginning, as they put a lot of stress on my shoulders. Slowly, over several weeks, I built my endurance to use them to about 400m now. Over the same period, I’ve noticed the pull in my […]

  • On the Way to NYC

    Yesterday, I ran my favorite hill loop, the Coyote Trail, in Rancho San Antonio. Well, favorite is a controversial term. I ran the loop seven times logging in 17 miles, legs burning out on the last two loops as I up my intensity, and feet getting totally abused on the steeper downhill coming down off […]