Month: January 2007

  • The Abuse Begins…Hill Repeats

    A while back, a training buddy of mine remarked that he trained with another Ironman guy who basically did everything he could to make it hard on himself. He would not take nutrition on training rides while force his body to greater effort. He would also not use as much fluid, and also ride hard […]

  • Thank God for Velocy

    Today I ran a complete workout without having my feet swell up or get major blisters. Ever since Asics changed their design, I’ve been going nuts trying to find running shoes that fit me good enough to run in. Everything was either too tight or my foot would flop around inside, causing lots of problems […]

  • 2007 Race Schedule and Goals

    So far it looks like: Ironman Brazil May 27 Vineman Half Ironman July 22 Pacific Grove Sept 8-9 NYC Marathon (maybe) Nov 4 Ironman Western Australia Dec 2 I signed up for Ironman Florida Nov 3, but think I will defer that to next year. My goals: 1. To do better on hills with the […]

  • Shaking Off the Cobwebs

    Today marked the second week of shaking off the cobwebs on my body from off-season. I ran Rancho San Antonio and started looping on my favorite hill run to build up my leg strength. I did two loops of the Coyote Trail whose path looks like this: From Parking Lot to bridge where hill begins: […]

  • Dean Karnazes is the Man!

    I love this guy. Ever since I bought his book Ultramarathon Man, he has been an inspiration to me. Here are some excerpts from his interview with Outside Magazine. So relevant to everyone in this day and age. It isn’t about running; it’s about how you run your LIFE. How does someone take your model […]