Month: March 2007

  • Success! What a Rush! Old La Honda Climbing

    This Saturday I set out on a cold (but warming) morning out on a ride. I was determined to ride up Old La Honda twice, as last time I only did it 1.5 times, completely wiping out in the middle of the second try. It was my quest to increase my hill climbing strength. Previous […]

  • About the Computrainer

    When I started using my Computrainer (CT) by Racermate, it was hard to figure out how to use. So I thought I would post some discoveries about it in the last 2+ years of using it while training. The CT is great because it’s like weight lifting for the bike. The wattage settings are consistent […]

  • Rituals

    Many times after we work out, all we want to do is just take a shower, eat, and maybe take a nap. Nowadays, I have to pay attention to what I do afterwards because if I don’t, I’ll pay for it with lesser performance during workouts in the following days. This was brought to the […]

  • Focus: Counting Sucks!

    Marc Evans once asked me during a private swim session if I could actually do a drill and count how many strokes I do. It was a strange question, but very relevant as the task was very simple, which was to do 3 one arm-left arm strokes, then 3 one arm-right arm strokes, and then […]

  • Sensation of Passing

    Passing that dude at Rancho San Antonio made me think of all the times I’ve managed to pass people in a race. It’s a weird feeling to pass someone during a race, especially if you are very close in velocity. It isn’t like driving a car where you press on the gas and you zoom […]

  • Runnin’ with Turkeys

    Yesterday, I ran Rancho San Antonio and did my painful hill repeats. The turkeys were out in force. Ten hens with one big male, tail feathers all spread out like he was somethin’ else. Peacockin’ ain’t just for pickup artists! But it was fun flying past them and seeing a whole bunch of wild turkeys […]