Month: May 2007

  • Treadmill Requirements

    Someone just asked me about treadmills. After running on several in clubs and owning two, I have these requirements: 1. I often run for over an hour. The timer must be able to deal with that and not reset to zero after it hits an hour. Otherwise I lose count. 2. I want a keypad […]

  • IM Brazil: The Adventure Hasn’t Ended Yet

    I have found that international Ironmans often don’t end after the race. Sometimes, it is an Ironman quality effort to get home afterwards, and Brazil was no exception. I think the whole country’s national pasttime is waiting in lines. Unfortunately, it means that all your 21st century sensibilities on how much time you need to […]

  • IM Brazil: Next Steps

    Post-race I am thinking of these things to work on: 1. I’m still having trouble running off the bike for Ironman. I need to examine brick workouts and training for a fast Ironman shuffle in cases where my legs are not able to run with my normal stride and technique. 2. I need to continue […]

  • IM Brazil: Departure, Schwag-o-rama, Recovery

    Yet another sunny but chilly day in Florianopolis, in contrast to race day which was relatively cloudy and a bit drizzly at times. I don’t think I felt warm at any time here in Floripa at all despite the deceptiveness of the clear blue skies and sun. This morning I woke at 630a to go […]

  • IM Brazil: The Day After

    Waking up the morning after Ironman is always a sore affair. You think you’re ok until you swing your legs off the bed and take a step. Ugh! But what can you do. At least this time, it’s a bit less sore than last time. That’s the good thing about doing multiple Ironmans; every time […]

  • IM Brazil: GPS Course Files and Fun with Google Earth

    Thanks to Keish who rode and ran with a Garmin Forerunner 305, you can download these two files, upload them to Google Earth and see the course mapped out on glorious 3D: 2007 IM Brazil bike course 2007 IM Brazil run course Get Google Earth here by downloading the software.

  • IM Brazil: Race Morning at Transition

    Some pictures of race morning at transition. Look at those bikes! Definitely a lot of dough being spent on fancy bike technology!

  • IM Brazil: Race Report!

    Race morning! I gather up the stuff I need for the day and head down to grab the shuttle over to transition. I take a chance and throw my cellphone and digital camera in my bag because I like to take pictures before and after the race. Also, Scott asks me to call his wife […]

  • IM Brazil: Last Word After Dinner

    Just got back from yet another dinner full of pasta and lots more salt loading. The food has been really good and somehow they figured out how to make bulk chicken without drying it out and making it taste like cardboard. I focused on putting down more carbs, probably the most carbo-loading I have ever […]

  • IM Brazil: Dropping off the bike and race bags

    Views of my room, my race stuff almost ready to go: Dropping off the bike and my bags at T1 and T2. This year they have volunteers putting on our bike numbers. Also, views of the bag pickup racks and changing area for men. The incredible staff of EST, without whom we would be hopelessly […]

  • IM Brazil: Ice Run, Brazilian Flora and Fauna

    After lunch, Scott and I went out for an ice run. Ice is for the nice freezing ice bath I’m gonna take after the race so I recover faster. Shoving it all into the fridge; kinda doesn’t fit. Duct taping the fridge door so it stays shut. Scott employing his Stanford education to figure out […]

  • IM Brazil: Eve of the Big Day

    OK enough trash talk about my experience getting here. Yeah I’m a spoiled product of the 21st century and I’ve had the roughing it bred out of me (or I’d like to say I’m the victim of the fact that there are 21st century travel agents booking into 19th century travel operations). However, today I […]

  • IM Brazil: The Jurere Beach Hotel Scorecard

    The score is: Minuses: + Phones don’t work. + Elevator to my section was under repair, needed to use the service elevator to get upstairs. + Doesn’t sell stamps. + No bar or cafe at all. + Can’t figure out the freakin’ heater. Is it even on? BRRRR… Pluses: + Elevator to my section finally […]

  • IM Brazil: Pasta Party 5-25-07 Friday Night

    Going to the pasta party is always an interesting affair. The pasta party was held in this big building which was FREEZING. Florianopolis, while sunny and warm in the sun, drops to Bay area chill when the sun disappears. No tea or coffee in sight, my bones were chilly through dinner. It was tough paying […]

  • IM Brazil: Pictures Set 2 5-25-07 Friday

    My buddy Keish and new found buddy Scott at check-in: The expo and transition area under construction: Shopping on the street near the hotel, the restaurant I ate lunch in, the local supermarket “Braulio SuperMercado”: