Month: December 2007

  • Racing Photogenically

    Friday, I picked up my official DVD for the NYC Marathon. It was the first one I’ve ever bought and thought that it would be cool to see how I ran on video. It was really well done. It covered the pros and saw Paula Radcliffe’s amazing acceleration at the finish, and the men’s finishes. […]

  • IM WA: Picture Potpurri

    Courtesy of my buddy Dan’s wife, Kelli:

  • Iron Resolve

    It was shocking to see/feel my mental resolve fizz away so suddenly. I had experienced lapses in resolve before but never as large as this time, half way through the marathon of Ironman WA. In the past, my resolve has weakened at the “wall” of a marathon, where my body just seems to get really […]

  • IM WA: Official Pics

    Rounding the corner at a turnaround: Biking and a-runnin’:

  • IM WA: Recovery +4 Days

    Recovery log: Day After: Not so bad. Stiff, but I was much worse off after the NYC Marathon. Walking down stairs was definitely a bit painful, but not as bad as in previous races. I didn’t get a chance to sit in an ice bath after the race, but it seems like my legs were […]

  • The Pill and Powder Round-Up

    All in all, I had a great racing year. It was the first year I really pumped up the pill and powder usage. Here is a breakdown of what I used and some of the informal results I’ve seen: Accelerade, Lemon-Lime I continued to use Accelerade Lemon-Lime as my primary drink mix for my bottles […]

  • IM WA: Wine Tasting with EST, Wild Kangaroos

    EST took us on a wine tasting tour the day after our race! Our second tour guide, Sharyn who gave us lovely facts about the flora and fauna of Australia, as well as being a triathlon coach! Here I hold an authentic Australian meat pie. Seems like Australians like these pies of all sorts. Yes […]

  • IM WA: Race Day Pics

    Some pictures from early morning at T1 amongst the bikes: Again, I am surprised at the bike field at T1 being so empty. Only 997 competitors! Check out the wacky folding bike with mini carbon HED aero wheels! I passed this guy out on the bike course. Happy me, after the race, all showered and […]

  • IM WA: The Emergence of Angry Dave

    A while back I wrote about Raaaagggeeee and thought that I would rarely get into a rage state during a race. But not at Ironman WA. Angry Dave showed up. During the bike, there were periods of me remembering back to days of my youth, when all the bullies in my elementary school would beat […]

  • IM WA: The Race!!!!

    Race morning I get up early and do my usual pre-Ironman routine. I eat my time-tested meal of one hard boiled egg, half a bagel, and a banana. Then my next time-tested routine: go sit on the toilet and hope something comes out, well, anything in my intestines comes out. It’s important to get it […]

  • IM WA: The Bag Search

    One last thing before the race report. As we submitted our T1 and T2 bags, they made us take out everything and they searched them. We were (rightfully) asked if we had the main things, like our race numbers, shoes, bike helmet, etc. But then they asked us if we had contraband substances. One of […]

  • IM WA: Tomorrow is Race Day!

    Last post before the race… Here I sit in the lounge of the Abbey Beach Resort, blogging away about the race. It also happens to be the only place in the hotel which has WIFI. I’ve had a long day today preparing for the race. Hopefully I will get a good night’s sleep as I […]

  • IM WA: Bike Course, Bike Drop Off, Need to Change My Last Name

    Today I took a quick ride out onto the bike course. It is incredibly flat. According to my buddy Keish, the max elevation change is 50 ft! Foothill Expressway is a tougher ride than this course, and it ain’t tough at all! Also, apparently out here at sunrise and sunset, kangaroos come out and hang […]