Month: June 2009

  • IM CDA: Recovery Log

    Race + 1 day: Stiff legs, up and down stairs very difficult. Lots of nutritional recovery aids, protein powder, Glutamine, BCAAs, Emergen-C. Stretching, TP Massage rollering, foam rollering, lacrosse ball massage. Wore compression leggings. Heart/lungs feel less affected than in previous races. Race + 2 days: Legs much better today. Wore compression calf sleeves. Lots […]

  • IM CDA: More Photos

    The swim start: Cycling away: Running, looking OK and then not looking so OK with the rain evident on the ground: Finally hitting the finish line in 12:42:01!:

  • IM CDA: The Way Home: Bright Sunny Skies

    Here we are, driving back to Spokane International Airport 2 days after Ironman: It was sunny and in the 70s, a beautiful day. Such a contrast to the week before – if only the race had been just a week after!

  • IM CDA: Thoughts on the Race Itself

    Some thoughts on the race itself, CDA, and my preparation: Race comments: 1. Overall I thought CDA was a well run race. Logistics were very good and everything moved pretty smoothly. 2. They told us they required reflectors to be stuck on our clothing. I never saw anyone check and it stays light pretty late, […]

  • IM CDA: Fellow Racers’ Pictures

    Some of my comrades in arms, racing yesterday also: Dan with the regional head of Pita Pit: Dan on the bike in stop action glory: Dan leading the pack: Dan running nicely and then having a tough moment on the course: Lawrence running, smiling and feeling good at his first Ironman: Keish running along at […]

  • IM CDA: The Day After

    The day after is usually one that is filled with stiff muscles and a wasted body. I felt more stressed than usual, crediting that to the extra cold temps and battling the hills. So I spent the day drinking protein powder laden drinks, taking BCAAs and Glutamine pills, and lots of Emergen-C to try to […]

  • IM CDA: Race Day!

    After my usual preparation of equipment and also eating, we gathered up our stuff and went out to the transition area. It was already pretty crowded by 530a when we got there. Guess lots of people were antsy about preparation! The skies were partly cloudy but it was very windy and a bit chilly. I […]

  • IM CDA: Race Morning 4am

    I’m up and prepared all my bottles and stuff to bring to the race in the morning. As the sun rose (skies were light at 430a, sunrise at 445a), they showed clear blue skies with a bit of breeze. Weather report looks for possibility of rain around 3pm now. Should be a nice cool race […]

  • IM CDA: Relaxing Before the Big Day

    All my bags are checked in, my bike racked for the big day tomorrow. I’m just hanging out at my place, kicking back and conserving energy:

  • IM CDA: There Ain’t No Potatoes in Idaho

    At the Museum of North Idaho I bought a post card which had a humongous potato in it. At that moment, I remembered that Idaho was famous for Idaho potatoes! But also, I realized that I hadn’t eaten a single potato. In fact, at Safeway, I didn’t really see any potatoes even being sold. I […]

  • IM CDA: Making T-shirts, Dropping Off Our Bike and Bags, Mooses (Meese?)

    This morning the crew got up and made some t-shirts to cheer us racers on: Then we took our bikes and bags over to transition and left them there for the race tomorrow: We then walked back to our car and saw some mooses (meese? what’s the plural of moose?) – apparently there is some […]

  • IM CDA: Saturday Morning Bike and Equipment Preparation

    The sun came out blazing this morning and Dan and I got up to prep our bikes for racing: Here is Dan talking about his rocket Look bike: I laid out all my bags and equipment. Looks like somehow I didn’t fit in a 4th water bottle for my run. I think that’s OK; I […]

  • IM CDA: Still Watching the Weather

    Last night it was rainy pretty hard for a while. That really sucks because we’ll have to hand in our bikes tonite and they’ll be left outside, potentially to be rained on overnight before the race tomorrow morning. Today there is some sunshine but still a lot of clouds. Yahoo! Weather for Coeur d’Alene says: […]

  • IM CDA: Pasta Party

    Always must eat pasta to carbo load for the race and so we rolled down to the pasta dinner party. 15 minutes before and the line was snaking way out onto the street! Again the Trimaven boys were in full force: Gatorade was everywhere on the tables and the food was decent. I piled on […]

  • IM CDA: Driving the Bike Course…In the Rain!

    The video report live from the wet and wooly bike course: As we got out further, it just rained even harder. We saw many cyclists out there – that must have really sucked. When we got home, my wife modeled her new Ironman fleece lined jacket – very important for rainy and cool days watching […]