Month: October 2009

  • Coaches and Remembering What It Was Like Just Starting Out

    I was going through my last TI training session and recalled an important moment. I remarked to my coach that many swim coaches tell you what to do, or describe something to you, but it never seems to work. I never seemed to improve enough with what advice I get from them. However, in the […]

  • Total Immersion: 13 Strokes for 25 Yards Baby Yeah

    On Thursday, I practiced swimming efficiency and tried to maintain as low a stroke count as possible for as many 25 yard lengths as possible. Amazingly, I was hitting 13 strokes for the majority of the lengths, one 12 stroke length, and one 14 when I was getting tired. Some notes: 1. Must be as […]

  • RFID Timing Chips for my 5K!

    I’m running my first 5K tomorrow and noticed they were using RFID embedded plastic timing chips! They’re pretty cool: They sealed an RFID chip into this plastic strip, and there is adhesive on one end to attach it to your running shoe: I wonder if they will start using these for triathlons. They look like […]