Month: December 2009

  • Trying to Lower my SPL

    This week, for kicks, I decided to take one workout to see if I could lower my SPL for 25y to as low as I can get it. My best SPL before this was 12 strokes for 25y. I was determined to do better, but also figure out what I needed to do to actually […]

  • Exercise Your Brain

    I’m a voracious reader, and love to buy and read books on the topic of training. I’ve bought so many books on the topic and found many to be really lame and some that are truly outstanding. I’ve also picked up a number of DVDs some of which were also lame and some that were […]

  • Tempo Training and SPL at Faster Tempos

    Based on my coach’s suggestion, on the next workout I decided to swim at a higher tempo settings. After warming up, I set my tempo trainer at 1.6 seconds, swam 4×25, then lowered my tempo by .1 seconds, swam another 4×25, until I got to 1.2 seconds tempo where I determined my comfort breakpoint usually […]

  • Tempo Practice Maintaining Strokes Per Length

    Monday I swam, thinking a lot about what Coach Shinji and I worked on Saturday. I warmed up and then instead of only practicing Strokes Per Length (SPL) I did SPL with the tempo trainer. As one workout, I will practice SPL without caring about tempo. I just keep trying to maintain the lowest SPL […]

  • Total Immersion’s Superman Glide

    Total Immersion has this drill called the Superman Glide. You basically push off the bottom of the pool (not the side; that’s cheating!) and launch yourself forward into the “Superman” flying position. The object is to practice good streamlining, relaxation and no tension. If you do it right, you will zip farther in the pool […]

  • TI Swimming with Coach Shinji 12-12-09

    Another great session with Coach Shinji this last Saturday. It was a rainy, cold day but us swimmers don’t care; we’re wet anyways. It’s not so nice for coaches who have to stand in the rain though. Everytime I work with him, I always get a few more tidbits of insight from him. Some notes: […]

  • Learning to Breathe and Sight with Shinji Takeuchi’s TI Swimming 11-13-09

    It’s been almost a month since my last lesson with Shinji. My blog was busted until now but finally I can post my notes from my last swim session with him. This session was focused on improving breathing, and also learning TI’s sighting method which was slightly different than what I was doing. Previously I […]