Month: July 2010

  • Barefoot Running

    Earlier this year, I read Born to Run by Christopher McDougall and found it to be one of the most inspirational running books I’ve ever read. One of the most important points the book makes is how our history of running in the modern world has been built up by a bunch of theories which […]

  • Beginning Marathon Tips

    Twice this year I was asked for some tips by some people running their first marathons. This is what I sent them: 1. It is important that you run 3-4 times a week. 2 is the barest minimum and may mean you will have a painful race. A nice schedule is 3x a week with […]

  • Belly Breathing

    A long time ago in Bicycling magazine, I saw an unflattering side shot of Jan Ullrich at the Tour de France showing his belly jutting out. It was, however, an article on breathing from the diaphragm and how it gives you added ability to get more air into your system. The Jan Ullrich picture was […]

  • I Am Without My Normatec MVP UGH

    Last year, I got hold of a Normatec MVP and immediately fell in love with it. Going through Ironman training with it has been amazing; after my long rides/runs, I would use it for 30-45 minutes and my legs would feel so refreshed and recovered, and help me be ready for the next day’s workout. […]