Month: February 2012

  • Deadlifting for Faster Running Update

    Back in April of last year, I wrote a post on Deadlifting for Faster Running. A reader commented and asked: 10 months on, how have you progressed? It has been an interesting 10 months for sure! After the LA Marathon 2011, I found time to concentrate on weightlifting and to try out which has […]

  • Total Immersion: More on Training for the Early Vertical Forearm (EVF)

    Mike McCloskey, a Total Immersion swimmer, wrote to me regarding some tips on training for a Early Vertical Forearm or EVF. Here were my replies: What drill(s) can you recommend to entrain a high elbow catch, or, which one(s) helped you the most? In answer to your question, first see my old post: Total Immersion: […]