8 Week Virtual Group Coaching Program

Now accepting applications – next session begins early June

Feeling stuck? Like life is leaving you behind while everyone else is moving forward?

Having trouble deciding the next step to take… finding yourself longing for clarity, direction and focus?

This 8 week group coaching program, created and facilitated by ICF accredited coaches Dave Shen and Shelly Naughton, was designed specifically to help participants get to the core of who they really are, overcome what’s been holding them back from reaching their potential and move forward with clear steps and a newfound determination.

This program was created for those who self-identify with feeling any of the following:

  • Stuck in their career and/or another aspect of life
  • Not realizing their potential
  • Unmotivated (including getting up in the morning)
  • Struggles with imposter (imposter syndrome)
  • Lacks clear direction – not sure where to go next, what’s the next step
  • Like they followed the formula (the college, job, etc. grind) but didn’t find the dream
  • Like something’s missing – like life is leaving them behind, while all their friends/everyone else is moving forward
  • Exhausted and out of balance with their life – want to align their life with what’s most important
  • Alone and without community
  • Anxious/overwhelmed/burned out due to any or all of the above

How We Bridge The Gap

Over the course of these eight weeks, we will meet via Zoom to learn and practice evidence based holistic methods to bring together the mind, body and spirit as well as embrace esoteric experiences in a supportive community with the opportunity to participate and process with other growth-oriented participants.

This program is for you if you’re ready to:

  • Connect to your inner wisdom
  • Get unstuck
  • Find purpose/find your path
  • Define clear next steps to move toward embracing your full potential
  • Get to the core of who you uniquely are
  • Identify what’s holding you back and begin to resolve it
  • Stop looking outside yourself and spend time getting to know the real you/true self and the whole you
  • Live a life that you know you deserve that is aligned with who you are
  • Create healthy habits and the consistency to reach your potential
  • Make informed decisions based on YOUR wisdom

Participants will walk away with a deep knowing of their true self, blocks and barriers removed, tools and strategies to energize their path forward and a plan maintain it with ease.

Ready to take the steps to uncover your true self and begin living in alignment with your purpose? Applications for the Summer 2023 session are now open. Seats are limited – apply at the form below!

Applications are now open!

To apply, please complete this form. Following your application, we will schedule a brief conversation to identify what you’d like to get out of this program, share details about participant expectations, and answer any questions.