He’s a notch above many other coaches in the field

I highly recommend Dave as a personal coach. He is dedicated to his craft, an inspiring
role model and willing to share vast access to resources. He’s a notch above many other
coaches in the field – a strong academic education as well as personal achievements such
as 6 Ironmans, multiple Alcatraz swims, Russian Kettlebell certification and more. He is
a special person to have that level of ambition and determination coupled with humility
and sensitivity. Dave has coached me on everything from health related issues, diet and
exercise, coping with a new devastating diagnosis, tough career decisions and family
relationships. We have had some sessions where I am laughing and energized and others
where I have been sobbing, and he just rolls with it like a pro. I have brought him
challenging and unpredictable issues and he knows when to put down the “playbook” and
use his intuition. I’ll never forget one particular session where I was in a terrible
predicament and he took me far out of the box to reconsider the way I was approaching a
choice. This helped me tremendously and provided a growing opportunity that had far-
reaching results for me.