Left me with deep insights into hidden aspects of my subconscious

I am immensely grateful for the Reiki and Shamanic Reiki experiences I had with Dave. From the very beginning, Dave’s gentle and empathetic approach immediately put me at ease, creating a safe and nurturing environment for my healing journey.

Coming into my work with Dave, I had limited knowledge of Shamanic Reiki. However, Dave’s abundant knowledge and willingness to guide me through the process were truly invaluable. He intuitively provided me with the tools and techniques that resonated with me, meeting me exactly where I was on my path.

Every session with Dave left me with deep insights into hidden aspects of my subconscious. These revelations proved to be instrumental in addressing the challenges I faced in the external world.

Throughout our sessions, Dave attentively listened to my concerns and desires, customizing each session to meet my specific needs. His compassionate guidance and wisdom provided unwavering support and encouragement, guiding me through my healing journey. Dave’s post-session follow-ups and recommendations also demonstrated his unwavering commitment to my well-being.

I wholeheartedly recommend Dave as a Shamanic Reiki practitioner to anyone seeking a healing experience and a deeper understanding of oneself.

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