How do you integrate Shamanic Reiki, Energetic or Somatic Coaching into sessions?

These techniques can show up in two ways.

The first is in the normal flow of a coaching session where these methods could emerge as we explore possible avenues to pursue.

As we coach, we are always taking a look at what might be most productive and effective for the client at this moment. If the situation and/or what the client is experiencing looks like it would most effectively be addressed by Shamanic Reiki or coaching through energetic or somatic means, then I would invite the client to see if they would be open to those methods and go from there.

The second is to have a session dedicated to these methods where both client and coach know we will only work with these methods.

Dedicated Sessions for Shamanic Reiki, Energetic or Somatic Coaching

How should I prepare for these sessions?

  1. These methods are best done in a setting where you will not be distracted nor disturbed by noise, other people, pets, your phone or computer.
  2. Please find a room where you won’t be disturbed and with minimal noise distraction.
  3. Please manage your alerts and notifications. Setting Do Not Disturb on your phone or computer.
  4. The most optimal internet connection would be wired and to a computer. WIFI will work but can be interrupted. Cell connection is possible but least desired and least reliable. We may go to audio only in cases of reduced connection.
  5. We may play music so headphones would be optimal for calming and mood effects as well as isolating sound for the session. Sessions can be done without headphones.
  6. Setting an intention for change before the session would be very helpful.
  7. Calming yourself is ideal, but we can/will do that in session as well.
  8. Retaining an openness to whatever comes up in session is also desirable.

How frequent will we meet?

I have seen remarkable things happen after only a single session. More often than not, it will take more than one session. Energetic movement with issues can take place over days, weeks, months, even years. There is what happens with the work, and then the integration that happens after, and between sessions.

It is of course up to the client, but generally, like traditional coaching work, commitment to some length of time to these methods is beneficial.

How long should I expect a session to last?

We will schedule sessions for an hour. Generally the structure will look like:

10-15 min of updates, inquiries, and setting the stage for the rest of the session

20-30 min of Shamanic Reiki/energetic/somatic work. Depending on what emerges, this time may be the most variable. Note that I have seen prominent results in as short as 10-15 min.

10-15 min of debrief afterwards.

What may happen within a session?

Sessions can be both vocal and non-vocal, depending on many factors. Vocal sessions will engage the client to vocalize what they are seeing and sensing, and helps guide the session. Clients can also choose to remain somewhat silent but still have interaction; for example, a minimal interaction would be acknowledging through a nod or shake of the head that they are complete or not. Or clients can choose to be completely silent and experience the session that way. A traditional Reiki session, for example, would have the client be present and receive the Reiki energy sent without any need for interactions.

The main difference between traditional Reiki and Shamanic Reiki is the shamanic journey is utilized in a Shamanic Reiki session. See Shamanic Reiki for examples of journeys used for specific purposes like Removing Intrusions.

All of these sessions will likely involve a shift in perception from our normal, every day experience to another one. These shifts in perception can involve the dream space, the imagination, communication with other entities, our physical body, and others. This is where resolutions can often be found where none were found by staying in our normal, every day reality and in our minds.

Clients may experience other tools of an energy healer’s trade, like music, singing bowls, drums, rattles, crystals, chimes, bells, tuning forks, oracle/tarot cards, pendulums, and others.

What should clients expect and do after a session?

After sessions, you may experience anything from nothing, to something, to a significant result! So any of these may happen with a given client.

We would all like to experience something tangible right after the session. However, the truth is more complex than that.

There are clients who experience nothing until months later, at which time they may contact us and say they just had a prominent result and could trace it back to our session together. So integration and perceivable results may happen a long time after.

Then there are clients who experience something far more immediate: a resolution. A release. An opening up. A sense of relief. And others.

Any reaction, whether nothing or something, is completely valid and normal!

After the session, it is a good idea to attend to self-care. Drink lots of clean water. Avoid stressful situations. Reflect alone or with someone trusted. Highly recommended to journal what you experienced, both as a record of what happened, but also as an integration step to recall the details. Leverage your coach, books, and the internet to go research interpretations of what you experienced. The energetic space often communicates in symbols, so their obvious meaning might be the right interpretation, or the symobolic interpretation might be more resonant for you!

Interested? Contact me to setup a discovery session to see if coaching with me is right for you.