Workplace/Executive Coaching

Occupying the majority of the hours of a week, the workplace is typically a dominant fixture in most peoples’ lives. Navigating the workplace can be challenging as well as rewarding. Growth can come at many levels, ranging from communication, to skills, to management, to in-depth knowledge and expertise, and more. Integration of workplace life into peoples’ personal lives also needs to be done to ensure that balance is achieved.

Opportunities for Growth

My workplace and executive coaching follows my philosophy of melding the mind, body, and spirit. Working with all three aspects, we will work together to resolve blocks and barriers to reaching your desired goals in your career. Common coaching topics include organization, management, working with others, communication, and more. We will work towards improving your areas of growth and find resolutions to all of them.

Alignment of Passion and Purpose

Uncovering your passions and purpose can further enrich your future in the workplace. Alignment with these aspects can bring more enjoyment and reward to your career. After blocks and barriers are addressed, coaching can help you see where you belong in the corporate world and how it may fulfill you in more ways than just the paycheck.


Often our work consumes the entirety of our waking lives. For many, this has yielded negative feelings and thoughts, and even a degradation of health. Finding balance in our lives, given the many demands on our time and attention, can bring more fulfillment in your life overall. Working towards a better understanding of how your employment fits into your whole life and then adjusting it to make it so will create a much more rewarding sense of being.


My company experience spans positions from individual contributor to manager to Director to Vice President where I managed a team of 100+. I have worked in big companies (Apple, Yahoo!) and small (frogdesign- a design consultancy) as well as a startup (Yahoo!) before it went public and after. I also have experience working all over the world and have worked through the cultural challenges it brings. After I left the corporate world, I worked for many years as an angel investor and in venture capital at Launch Capital, where I worked with many startups to build their business, obtain funding, and grow to success. My experiences have provided me with real world knowledge on how the workplace operates at all levels of management and in companies in all stages of their evolution.

Supporting Corporate Clients

In addition to working directly with me, I also coach for the Unalome Agency, supporting corporate clients and executives and helping them through barriers and reach optimal performance in both their companies and their personal lives. You can also find me on Modern Health or BetterUp if your employer offers either to their employees as a benefit. Email their support to match with me on either platform!

How can we work together to help you advance in your career and discover more how it fits into your life?