somatic coaching

What is Somatic Coaching?

Much of traditional coaching involves techniques that involve only intellectual and emotional processes. Somatic coaching takes that one step further and involves the physical.

Somatic coaching moves the center of learning from the head into the body, giving you and your clients access to all aspects of your intelligence—intellectual, emotional, and physical.

Strozzi Institute, Somatic Coaching Definition

Our bodies are inexplicably tied to our minds and emotions. They will reflect our internal experiences, as well as those directly experienced by the physical body. Using what we find in your body – tension, ailments, imbalances, etc. – we can use that information as further methods of inquiry and potential avenues for resolving issues.

Somatic Coaching

My training comes from the Genco Method of Somatic Coaching. It combines traditional coaching inquiry and physical poses, with origins in yoga, to surface the root causes of issues and provide opportunities to resolve them. The system also employs various energy techniques to enhance the experience, like sound healing and meditation. Somatic coaching sessions may involve traditional coaching techniques with some physical body based inquiry, to sessions which are completely pose- and energy-based.