Year: 2011

  • Eliminating Gluteal Amnesia

    I’ve pretty much come to the realization that gluteal amnesia has been a major cause of leg problems during my running and cycling. All we have done all our lives is just sit around. Surely that is what I have done up to now. I sat in class, I sat to study, I sat in […]

  • 100 Up for Better Running

    Chris McDougall is the author of one of the most awesome running books ever, “Born to Run”. I’m a big propenent of running on the forefoot and I’m trying to perfect my running mechanics to make myself run injury free and also with maximum efficiency. This simple exercise/drill called the 100 Up helps with training […]

  • NYC Marathon 2011 11-6-11 Race Report

    This is a bit late but finally getting to this! To recap, the build to this NYC Marathon was only about 2 months. Very short, but I got there without too many problems in my muscles. NYC was very chilly, although there was a warming trend. The morning of the marathon was still very chilly […]

  • ART for Swim Performance Enhancement

    Way back in 2005, I wrote about how Active Release Technique (ART) could be used for performance enhancement in my post, Where there is Pain, There is Gain… . Using ART, I released decades of adhesions that were restricting my hips from moving properly. After loosening of them up, I was able to improve my […]

  • The 2 Month Build to NYC Marathon 2011

    A little under 2 months ago, I posted that I got into the NYC Marathon and was going to attempt to get from zero fitness to marathon fitness in about half the time I would normally allocate to this kind of race. To recap, on my long run, I planned on building 15 minutes each […]

  • Total Immersion: A Session with Dave Cameron 10-24-11

    This weekend, I took the last two days of Total Immersion coach certification – I’m almost there, needing only to do one last homework assignment and I’ll be an official TI coach! At the end of the coach certification classes, I asked Dave Cameron (aka Distance Dave) if he would do a short private coaching […]

  • Alcatraz Invitational 2011: A New PR and GPS Fun

    Yesterday, I swam the Alcatraz Invitational 2011, one of the many Alcatraz swims that are held each year. This one is held by the South End Rowing Club and is a favorite. Alcatraz swims can generally be held in two conditions, either starting with a flood or ebb. Then there is a slack where it […]

  • NYC Marathon 2011: Two Month Build from Zero to Race

    Right before Labor Day, I got word that there was an entry available to the NYC Marathon. Of course I jumped on it and now I’m entered. The only hitch was…I had only two months to prepare for the race! Normally, I like at least 4 months to prepare for a marathon. It gives me […]

  • The Waikiki Rough Water Swim 9-5-11 with Garmin 305 GPS

    Today, I got up early and swam the Waikiki Rough Water Swim. It’s my third time swimming it and hoped for a faster time today but it was not to be – I did it in 1:22:46 which is about 2+ minutes slower than my previous time of 1:20. Rebuilding my stroke via Total Immersion […]

  • Muscle Cramp Update

    In my experience, cramping is caused by at least 5 factors that i’ve encountered. these are: 1. Strength – lack of strength in your muscles means they are faster to tire and cramp up due to lack of ability to keep up with your demands of the muscles. 2. Fitness – poor or lowered fitness […]

  • Total Immersion: Training for Higher Tempos and Higher Speeds

    In this thread of the Total Immersion forums, I replied to Terry Laughlin’s post of: Sun Yang is the new TI poster boy. (No we are not claiming him as a TI swimmer, only as a demonstration that longer strokes ARE the way to superior swimming. with this comment and query: Terry, I have been […]

  • Total Immersion: Spearing Width and Depth

    Throughout the TI forums, we find references to how the elites swim and whether or not Total Immersion needs to change its teachings so that we all drive towards swimming like Michael Phelps and like company. One of those contentious topics is the spearing angle. I replied on one of the forum posts with this: […]

  • Becoming a Total Immersion Coach: the Application

    Well, I finally got around to submitting my application to apply for TI coach training. It’s been something I’ve been thinking about for a while and after talking to Coach Shinji about it, he was very supportive and thought I would make a good coach. So I went on the Total Immersion website, found the […]

  • Ultimate Speed Training

    Once again, the book Four Hour Body by Tim Ferriss has me trying one more new thing! For the last few months, I’ve been working on my strength through Russian techniques (see Deadlifting is HARD (and Dangerous) and Deadlifting for Faster Running). I’ve seen some definite increases in my track workouts, having dropped from 39 […]

  • Total Immersion: Fixing My Left Side and Swimming Symmetry

    Back in May, I met with Coach Shinji for a swim lesson. Going through some of the things I wanted to work on, I remarked that for some reason when I am spearing with my right hand, I seem to glide a lot faster/longer than when I spear with my left hand. It had been […]