Year: 2018

  • Adventures in Risky Focal Points

    Adventures in Risky Focal Points

    This week I had a client whose 2BK I was trying to tune. Overall, he was swimming pretty well. But something about his propulsion just wasn’t right and he was dropping hips on the breath. We came down to trying to fine tune his 2BK and found that – through me looking underwater at him…

  • A Discussion on Catch

    A Discussion on Catch

    I just recently had a client who was asking about the catch and how to execute the stroke back from there. Here is a video going through some elements of the catch that might be helpful for you:

  • Recovery as Propulsion

    Recovery as Propulsion

    I thought I’d give a little bit more discussion on recovery’s role in propulsion. It’s likely a new concept for many people; I discovered it first when I watched Bill Boomer’s Freestyle Reimagined DVD (I highly recommend watching that if you’re a swim nerd like me!). We focus so much on the catch and pull…

  • Dryland New Recovery Practice

    Dryland New Recovery Practice

    Following on my discussion on a new recovery practice we are working with at workshops and the great results I got from it in my own swimming, here is a video on how to practice this on dryland: Give this a try especially if you are having trouble with existing recovery drills that we’ve gone…

  • Intra-Abdominal Pressure Development for Crawling

    Intra-Abdominal Pressure Development for Crawling

    In the Original Strength forums, a user asked for my prescription of training for crawling and avoiding aching wrists. When I see symptoms like aching wrists, it is likely the result of insufficient generation of intra-abdominal pressure during crawling. The wrists (and other body parts) will start to compensate for poor stabilization, causing inevitable aches…

  • Nutritional Interventions for my Teeth

    Nutritional Interventions for my Teeth

    About 2.5 weeks ago, I started to experience some sensitivity to temperature in my teeth on the left side, both top and bottom. As time progressed, it got pretty bad to the point where I couldn’t even take a drink of cold water or hot coffee or else it would fire up uncomfortably. Having experienced…

  • New Recovery Practice

    New Recovery Practice

    Check out my new recovery video on Youtube: I’ve been watching it in action at Mandy McDougal and Stuart McDougal‘s Total Immersion weekend workshops, and it works incredibly well. Note that I do not think that this means our old recovery drills and concepts won’t work any more. It seems that this teaching technique delivers…