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  • LA Marathon 2012: Rookie Mistakes, Nervous System Fail, Semi-Retirement

    Well it’s been almost a week since I ran the LA Marathon last Sunday. Last year, I ran it in a rainstorm and nearly went hypothermic (see LA Marathon Race Report 3-20-11: Misery Redefined. I had hoped to redeem myself this year but it was not redemption I got. The forecast was for rain again […]

  • NYC Marathon 2011 11-6-11 Race Report

    This is a bit late but finally getting to this! To recap, the build to this NYC Marathon was only about 2 months. Very short, but I got there without too many problems in my muscles. NYC was very chilly, although there was a warming trend. The morning of the marathon was still very chilly […]

  • LA Marathon Race Report 3-20-11: Misery Redefined

    The LA Marathon for 2011 started very poorly. There was rain in the forecast for LA, but it hit SF first and 1/2 hour before my flight was supposed to take off, AA cancelled my flight due to weather, sunspots, whatever! I got on the phone with their special hotline but they told me everything […]

  • Waikiki Rough Water Swim 9-4-06

    Waking to a beautiful aloha morning in Honolulu and swimming 2.4 miles is the best thing. The Waikiki Rough Water Swim was the original swim after which the swim leg of the first Ironman was modelled after. It makes this swim extra special to do. This year, they let us out, after heavy winds prevented […]

  • More on Honu

    Some more thoughts: Logistics are always a problem at races. This one was no exception. Getting there in the morning was not well thought out. The start was about 6 miles away, on rolling hills, from the hotel. Not good. No way I was going to ride there in the morning. Parking was limited there, […]

  • Honu Half Ironman Report 6-3-06

    Honu went well except for overheating on the run. Had my best half IM swim here, hitting the mat at 40:12. I thought the swim was setup poorly. The sun had risen right on the line of buoys and we were sighting into the sun as we tried to find the buoys. A lot of […]

  • NYC Marathon Race Report 11-6-05

    It’s 430am and I get up to prepare for the race. The night before I lay out just about everything I need so that I won’t forget anything. But of course, I already find out that I don’t have any electrolyte tablets in my apartment, a fact that will prove critical in the race later. […]