Year: 2005

  • Reflections on 2005, Goals for 2006

    2005 comes to an exciting but mixed year for me in triathlon. First I look upon my 2005 goals: CYCLING: To see how close I can get my fitness/strength/abilities to Lance Armstrong. Well my cycling got better, but I’m still pretty far away from Lance. ETA to Goal: Never (probably). More Realistic: Do the 112 […]

  • Egoscue Method and Fixing My Right Leg Overuse

    My right leg is stronger than my left. So for 4 decades, my body has adjusted to this fact and it has left me unbalanced. Unbalanced so much so that I’ve noticed during races that I tend to (annoyingly) cramp my right leg on biking and running. I asked my PT guy at Team Clinic […]

  • Training Costs for 2005

    As I near the end of 2005, I calculate the cost of my training over this last year: M2 Coaching: $200/month x 12 months = $2400 Team Clinic/ART/Chiropractic: $4817.50 Dr. Rikke/Healthlogic/Graston/Chiropractic: $730 This doesn’t count all the clothes, powdered sports drinks, energy bars, bike equipment, sneakers, etc. I bought this year. So coaching+medical = $7947.50 […]

  • Bikram Yoga in the Off Season

    These last few weeks I’ve been trying out Bikram Yoga. Previously I had never been a big fan of yoga. This is because I’m not very flexible and yoga deals heavily in what I would call “flexible strength”. Flexible strength means that you apply power when your muscles are in a stretched position. Many people […]

  • Off Season Aches and Pains

    I’m heavy into the off season now, and not doing much training at all. It’s a great time for recovery, for recharging my body and brain from all the stress I’ve put on it over the past year. But one thing has been confounding me. Why is it when I am doing practically nothing, that […]

  • Post-Marathon, plus 3 Days

    Freeze My Willies After the race, I jump in a bathtub of ice cubes for 10 minutes. Thankfully it numbs everything and I can only stand it for 10 minutes. But on Monday, I hop in again but this time for 15 minutes. Definitely nerves are getting killed off in the icy water, or maybe […]

  • NYC Marathon Race Report 11-6-05

    It’s 430am and I get up to prepare for the race. The night before I lay out just about everything I need so that I won’t forget anything. But of course, I already find out that I don’t have any electrolyte tablets in my apartment, a fact that will prove critical in the race later. […]

  • Roar of Lions

    I am not in California any more. I am on the plains of Africa. The wind blows across the grasslands, the sun is high in the sky. I glide effortlessly across the land, each footfall moving me forward, the hills around me racing past my eyes. I hear the roar of lions, and a lion […]

  • Where there is Pain, There is Gain…

    These last few weeks I’ve asked my PT folks at Team Clinic to apply their Active Release Techniques (ART) to improving my performance. Basically, years of adhesions and scar tissues, as well as shortening of muscles and muscle structures, have led to restrictions in movement, which then lead to compensations in muscles which get overworked […]


    UGH! The Waikiki Rough Water Swim this last Sunday in Honolulu got cancelled due to extremely rough conditions. Strong trade winds blew in and sent swells rising 10-15 feet. Wind whipped up the water and the surfers were lovin’ it, but not enough to risk the non-experienced swimmers of our race. 2 years ago, conditions […]

  • Half Vineman!

    Off to Half Vineman today! Driving up with my buddy Dan who is a triathlon stud. Follow our exploits at Official Half Vineman site. This the last year we can qualify for a Ironman Championships slot at a half ironman. They launched a new race series called the Ironman 70.3 series, which ends in its […]

  • Balance and Training

    Sent to newsletter of the Pacific Grove Triathlon’s request for thoughts on Balance, or balancing your training/racing with other parts of your life: Balance between training/racing and the rest of my life has always been the eternal challenge. In solving my issues, I’ve found that there are three essential things to keeping training in your […]

  • Carbo Pro! My Vineman Half Ironman Nutrition Strategy

    Just discovered Carbo-Pro. WOW! A tasteless addition to any sports drink, it dissolves perfectly and hasn’t upset my stomach. It has added to my stamina during biking. Just an extra scoop of this stuff in each large water bottle gives me an extra 100 calories or so in each bottle, which effectively doubles the calories […]

  • Shifting Gears

    I just noticed something at my last cycling workout. I shift gears incessantly. I adjust my gearing at the slightest change in pressure to my thighs. I use them as my signal to shift down or up. This is because I don’t want to be powering through the ride, but rather using the mechanical advantage […]

  • Run Like There is No Finish Line

    I wore my favorite long sleeve shirt today by Nike. It’s got this incredibly cool slogan on it – “Run Like There is no Finish Line”. Wow. What a great motivator! I got this shirt last year at the NYC Marathon. One problem though. It’s black. So I put it on because there is this […]