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  • 3rd Week Post Ironman

    3rd Week Post Ironman

    Still a bit off. Amazing that an Ironman could take so much out of you. Even marathons didn’t take that much out of me. Swimming this morning still proved I am off the norm. Felt it in the lungs/chest on normal sprint sets whereas pre-Ironman I maintained speed and power. Running yesterday showed my HR…

  • Ironman NZ Recovery

    Ironman NZ Recovery

    Race Day + 1: Sore and stiff in quads. Calves and hamstrings OK. Lungs experiencing that cool sensation of over-exertion and having been stressed for a long time. Legs very tight and hard to stretch out. Race Day + 2: A bit more sore and stiff in the quads. Usually I am less sore on…

  • Ironman NZ 2005 Post Race

    Ironman NZ 2005 Post Race

    Now it’s Wednesday and it’s 4 days past the big day. I am late in posting this due to activities and travelling around NZ, but here it is. Sunday after the race, I manage to get my sore, stiff bod up early so that we can get down to the Ironman NZ store and pick…

  • Ironman NZ 2005 Race Day Report!!!

    Ironman NZ 2005 Race Day Report!!!

    Early morning I wake up at 350a and start eating. I have 3 hard boiled eggs and half a bagel. I go to the bathroom and “purge” so that i don’t have to “purge” on the race. I recheck some of the gear and pack up a backpack to carry it all in. I stretch…

  • Ironman NZ 2005 EVE Friday 3-4-05

    Ironman NZ 2005 EVE Friday 3-4-05

    Ironman NZ Friday 3-4-05 I wake up early and open the curtains. Pea soup fog resides over Lake Taupo with an amazingly strong breeze. I remember swimming Alcatraz during relatively heavy fog conditions. The fog, if floating lazily above the water, is a welcome sight for Alcatraz swimmers as it means that there is no…

  • Race Coverage

    Race Coverage

    Looks like it will definitely be covered at This page has an athlete lookup and will have news and updates. You can also check the Ironman NZ website for updates but I don’t see any indication yet of what they will do. My race number is 861. More pictures at my Yahoo! Photos account.

  • Ironman NZ 2005 Thursday 3-3-05

    Ironman NZ 2005 Thursday 3-3-05

    When my buddies from San Jose arrived, I’ve been mostly hanging out with them. It’s been great having them around as they’ve done the race before and have been giving me lots of tips. In the morning, we head over to registration and already by 845am there is a long line to get our race…

  • Ironman NZ Photos Posted Here…

    Ironman NZ Photos Posted Here…

    At my Yahoo! Photos account…. Have a look and see Taupo, race preparations, and then… the race!

  • Ironman NZ Wednesday 3-2-05

    Ironman NZ Wednesday 3-2-05

    Again another glorious morning in Taupo. Starting to sound like a broken record I think! I awoke early today, almost time zone changed completely at around 4am. I do not want to sleep in too much as race morning I will be up early to prepare for the race. I bring out my little MIDI…

  • Ironman NZ Tuesday 3-1-05

    Ironman NZ Tuesday 3-1-05

    Yet another beautiful day in Taupo. Partly cloudy, sunny skies, slight breeze blowing. The air is once again super-fresh and it is just lovely country out here. The pace of life is so much slower. The stores are open only from 9 to 5 – something I’m not very used to at all. Early this…

  • Ironman NZ Monday 2-28-05 Arrival in Auckland and Taupo

    Ironman NZ Monday 2-28-05 Arrival in Auckland and Taupo

    It’s always interesting to board a flight to a famous triathlon or Ironman competition. As you check in, you always see others with huge bike boxes in line with you. Where else would they be going but to the Ironman you’re going to? The plane ride was uneventful. I slept the whole way. An uncomfortable…

  • Last Minute Checks

    Last Minute Checks

    Hanging out here in my LA apartment and going through my stuff one last time. Sunglasses, GU, water bottles, bike helmet, bike looks ok… I always feel like I’ve forgotten something. I guess I’ll have a week to replace it in NZ if I did. I did forget my bike helmet last year at Pacific…

  • Ironman NZ number 861!

    Ironman NZ number 861!

    Finally found my race number: 861 – age group Male 35-39.

  • Preparing to go

    Preparing to go

    Ugh. The worst part about triathlons is the packing beforehand. What to bring, or not to bring…and then worry about 2 weeks in New Zealand. I guess I’ll just have to consider everything as disposable! I hope my ZIPP 404 race wheels survive. They are packed in along with my Ritchey Breakaway, a packable bike.…

  • What does Ironman mean to me?

    What does Ironman mean to me?

    Well, it’s been a grueling but rewarding 4 months of hard training for Ironman New Zealand. As I reflect on the experience over the last few months, I have thought deeply about what does finishing Ironman mean to me. These thoughts are: 1. The struggle for training was very high at times. My coach would…