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  • Exercise Your Brain

    Exercise Your Brain

    I’m a voracious reader, and love to buy and read books on the topic of training. I’ve bought so many books on the topic and found many to be really lame and some that are truly outstanding. I’ve also picked up a number of DVDs some of which were also lame and some that were…

  • IM FL 2008:

    IM FL 2008:

    A plug for a buddy of mine who is developing a website for triathletes called He gave me this cool t-shirt to wear around at IM FL. Check it out – not sure if everything is working just right yet, but have a look. It’s got news, athlete and race profiles, social networking functions,…

  • Favorite Books and Resources

    Favorite Books and Resources

    Just recently I’ve been asked many times for what books out there are good for training. Here is a list of my favorites. I tend to keep away from the coaching books as I have a coach and don’t need training programs or advice. I like to find books that help me understand the scientific…