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  • A Run with Zozi Guru Dean Karnazes and Awesome Lessons Learned

    Two Saturdays ago, I had the awesome opportunity to do a run with Dean Karnazes who is part of the Zozi Guru program. The day was beautiful and the run was out in Big Sur. We ran through groves of poison oak which was not fun, but the day was sunny and not cold and […]

  • Barefoot Running: The Beginning

    OK so I’m a believer and now I’m going to give it a try. For the last 4 weeks, I started barefoot running, or more accurately running in Vibram FiveFingers. My favorite is the Sprint but it doesn’t look like they make those any more since they are not on the Vibram site – they […]

  • LA Marathon 2012: Rookie Mistakes, Nervous System Fail, Semi-Retirement

    Well it’s been almost a week since I ran the LA Marathon last Sunday. Last year, I ran it in a rainstorm and nearly went hypothermic (see LA Marathon Race Report 3-20-11: Misery Redefined. I had hoped to redeem myself this year but it was not redemption I got. The forecast was for rain again […]

  • Deadlifting for Faster Running Update

    Back in April of last year, I wrote a post on Deadlifting for Faster Running. A reader commented and asked: 10 months on, how have you progressed? It has been an interesting 10 months for sure! After the LA Marathon 2011, I found time to concentrate on weightlifting and to try out which has […]

  • Eliminating Gluteal Amnesia

    I’ve pretty much come to the realization that gluteal amnesia has been a major cause of leg problems during my running and cycling. All we have done all our lives is just sit around. Surely that is what I have done up to now. I sat in class, I sat to study, I sat in […]

  • 100 Up for Better Running

    Chris McDougall is the author of one of the most awesome running books ever, “Born to Run”. I’m a big propenent of running on the forefoot and I’m trying to perfect my running mechanics to make myself run injury free and also with maximum efficiency. This simple exercise/drill called the 100 Up helps with training […]

  • NYC Marathon 2011 11-6-11 Race Report

    This is a bit late but finally getting to this! To recap, the build to this NYC Marathon was only about 2 months. Very short, but I got there without too many problems in my muscles. NYC was very chilly, although there was a warming trend. The morning of the marathon was still very chilly […]

  • The 2 Month Build to NYC Marathon 2011

    A little under 2 months ago, I posted that I got into the NYC Marathon and was going to attempt to get from zero fitness to marathon fitness in about half the time I would normally allocate to this kind of race. To recap, on my long run, I planned on building 15 minutes each […]

  • NYC Marathon 2011: Two Month Build from Zero to Race

    Right before Labor Day, I got word that there was an entry available to the NYC Marathon. Of course I jumped on it and now I’m entered. The only hitch was…I had only two months to prepare for the race! Normally, I like at least 4 months to prepare for a marathon. It gives me […]

  • Ultimate Speed Training

    Once again, the book Four Hour Body by Tim Ferriss has me trying one more new thing! For the last few months, I’ve been working on my strength through Russian techniques (see Deadlifting is HARD (and Dangerous) and Deadlifting for Faster Running). I’ve seen some definite increases in my track workouts, having dropped from 39 […]

  • Deadlifting is HARD (and Dangerous)

    Well, my first adventures with the deadlift were enlightening and a bit painful. I was foolishly naive about the details of deadlifting form and just started into deadlifting without thinking too much about it. I only thought to keep my back in neutral position and then lift the weight. I started by trying the prescribed […]

  • Deadlifting for Faster Running

    The book, Four Hour Body by Tim Ferriss, brings me new insight all the time. After implementing the details on pre-running prep, I started into the chapter on increasing strength for better running. This led me to Underground Secrets to Faster Running by Barry Ross which further describes what to do. It is a melding […]

  • LA Marathon 2011: Pictures of Hell

    Actually this is not red hot hell but a frozen hell. Note the wet pavement; you can’t see the rain coming down on us in the pictures. You can also see that my shirt is soaked through – that ain’t sweat unfortunately! Temps in 50s, high winds, wet race clothes, hands and feet both numb […]

  • LA Marathon 2011 Post-Mortem and Recovery: 3-21-11

    Recovery is going pretty well. I took about 70g of protein powder after the race, through many doses across the rest of the day. Today, race day + 1, I took an additional 80g of protein powder. Both days I drank several packets of Emergen-C to keep throwing vitamin-C and other essential vitamins into my […]

  • Analyzing Angles and Max/Min Height in Running

    A buddy of mine sent me this video from the Somax Performance Institute in Tiburon, CA. It showcased some of their research on elite runners from Kenya and in the US: They conclude that it’s not genetics but rather run form/mechanics that determine why Kenyas are consistently winning races versus US runners. It was very […]