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  • Training Advice for Everyone

    Training Advice for Everyone

    One of my swimmers is moving out of the area. He and I have been working together for over 2 years and he’s made incredible progress. Here were some suggestions to him on how to approach training without our regular interactions: Progress is rarely linear all the time. You should expect setbacks and reversals of […]

  • We Are Weak

    Yesterday I was going through the first of Gray Cook’s DVD series on the Certified Kettlebell-Functional Movement Screen or CK-FMS. The FMS was developed by Gray Cook as a way to consistently and accurately assess an athlete via only 7 tests. It could tell you where your muscle inbalances were and your weaknesses that need […]

  • Coaches and Remembering What It Was Like Just Starting Out

    I was going through my last TI training session and recalled an important moment. I remarked to my coach that many swim coaches tell you what to do, or describe something to you, but it never seems to work. I never seemed to improve enough with what advice I get from them. However, in the […]

  • Racing Photogenically

    Friday, I picked up my official DVD for the NYC Marathon. It was the first one I’ve ever bought and thought that it would be cool to see how I ran on video. It was really well done. It covered the pros and saw Paula Radcliffe’s amazing acceleration at the finish, and the men’s finishes. […]

  • Strongest Dad in the World

    Forwarded to me by a buddy of mine. Truly inspirational. Like Rick Reilly says, compared to Dick Hoyt, I suck too. Strongest Dad in the World [From Sports Illustrated, By Rick Reilly] I try to be a good father. Give my kids mulligans. Work nights to pay for their text messaging. Take them to swimsuit […]

  • No Ironman Training in Beijing

    This week I was vacationing in Beijing. I was appalled by the amount of pollution in the air, which made me wonder if anyone trained Ironman here. My conclusion is that going outside in that soup they call atmosphere is not a healthy thing. Couple that with the possibility of theft, the crazy drivers in […]

  • Reebok Run Easy Ad Campaign

    I saw some ads for Reebok on the sides of bus stops. They say: Why Hit the Wall? It Hurts. Run Easy. Run Easy?!?!? I must say that Reebok just lost me as a customer. To me this Run Easy messaging means: Don’t train so hard. Don’t bother. It ain’t worth it. In fact don’t […]

  • The Abuse Begins…Hill Repeats

    A while back, a training buddy of mine remarked that he trained with another Ironman guy who basically did everything he could to make it hard on himself. He would not take nutrition on training rides while force his body to greater effort. He would also not use as much fluid, and also ride hard […]

  • Dean Karnazes is the Man!

    I love this guy. Ever since I bought his book Ultramarathon Man, he has been an inspiration to me. Here are some excerpts from his interview with Outside Magazine. So relevant to everyone in this day and age. It isn’t about running; it’s about how you run your LIFE. How does someone take your model […]

  • The Ups and Downs of Training

    So I talked about the ups and downs of cycling, and now a post about the ups and downs of training. We all wish we could blast through our workouts with 1000% energy and feel great afterwards, every time. But the reality is that our bodies can’t sustain that kind of effort over time. In […]

  • Balance and Training

    Sent to newsletter of the Pacific Grove Triathlon’s request for thoughts on Balance, or balancing your training/racing with other parts of your life: Balance between training/racing and the rest of my life has always been the eternal challenge. In solving my issues, I’ve found that there are three essential things to keeping training in your […]