ART and Feeling like Humpty Dumpty

ART stands for Active Release Techniques. It has been my savior over the last few months leading up to the NYC Marathon and Ironman NZ.
It is a unique massage technique which breaks down scar tissue, inducing recovery and healing, and also prevention/curing of scar tissue which is from muscle fibers breaking down and laying down in the wrong direction from normal healthy fibers.
It works great. It also hurts like hell!
I get it at Team Clinic in Santa Clara, CA. The guys there are fantastic and they love watching me scream and writhe in pain as Dr. Steve works on my legs and shoulders. It seems that only crazy triathletes like me go for the full-body ART – hurts so bad during treatment but hurts so good later on.
To think I pay for this….
I have to credit ART and Team Clinic for keeping my body together as the training got more intense. If there ever was someone who could put Humpty Dumpty back together again, these guys could and did with me.

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