Last Minute Checks

Hanging out here in my LA apartment and going through my stuff one last time.
Sunglasses, GU, water bottles, bike helmet, bike looks ok…
I always feel like I’ve forgotten something. I guess I’ll have a week to replace it in NZ if I did.
I did forget my bike helmet last year at Pacific Grove. Geez. Racing back to Cupertino the night before the race to get my helmet and race back down to my hotel room. That really sucked.
Checked out my Ritchey Breakaway again. Looks pretty good. I’ve been in contact with the PR firm for Ritchey as I told them that I was racing with their Breakaway. I will be taking some pictures of me racing on their bike and they’ll put me in their newsletter. COOL.
They also told me that they built a Titanium/Carbon Fiber Breakaway! I WANT THAT BIKE – it’s in testing now and I hope it goes into production soon. I may just sell this one after the race and get their new one. And the suitcase will have wheels too!
Went for a swim and run today. Feeling pretty good and less burned out. I know I’m less burned out when I can count laps while swimming. My mind doesn’t drift and I can pay attention. And counting in a 25m pool is REAL challenging if you’ve ever tried it. I hate doing more than 400m in one interval. But, for endurance events, you gotta workout at race pace for intervals up to 400m or more.
This should be interesting as I hang out more in NYC this year and will probably join the YMCA which has a 25m pool. I’ve never done 4000m in a 25m pool. Not sure if I’ll survive the monotony.
At least it’s a beautiful day in LA at the beach. About the only thing I do enjoy down here is the sun on the beach and a cooling breeze blowing from the ocean, and nothing is like a run in that kind of condition. Too bad the rest of LA sucks.
Leaving at 830p on Qantas. I hope to pass out as soon as it takes off. Next week is filled with activities as I joined the Premium Plus Sports Ironman Tour. You can see the activities at their website.