A Brand Called You: Discovering and Aligning With Your True Self

A while back I attended an amazing workshop offered by my mentor coach and teacher, Tijen Genco, called A Brand Called You. She had created it for us beginning coaches so that we could better discover how we could best align our newly birthed coaching businesses with our own beings.

After exiting our course, there were many who were confused on how best to build their businesses. The prevading notion was that there was one way – online via the internet – and that we should master and use traditional internet marketing in order to compete and gain clients. This did work for some, and for some it was learnable. For many others, it was completely foreign and not even aligned with how they used the internet, if used at all.

This workshop helped us all reorient ourselves to how we could build our businesses in ways that were much more true to who we were rather than trying to fit someone else’s idea of business building into us.

While it worked wonders for the participants with this goal, it actually was much more than that, which is what I experienced. When I attended, I didn’t have an issue with my coaching business direction. In fact I wasn’t sure what was going to happen! What I did get out of it affected my life much more broadly than just my coaching business. I discovered that this process was effective at whatever area of your life you put your intention towards. And if the intention was all of your life, then that’s what you got!

The results of this workshop still resonate strongly with my current directions and they continue to influence my development. I am amazed at what emerged, and I can see it weaved into my present and future paths for many years to come.

Soon after taking this course, I trained in how to deliver this workshop, and now I am offering it to my clients.

Are you feeling lost in purpose? Passion absent in your life? Uncertain as to where to go next? Has life plateaued and got you wondering how to get out your funk?

This workshop is for you!

As mentioned, it can be as focused or as broad as you want. We can work on something like a direction for you to take your business, or your entire life. The major components are:

Meditation – Creates a safe, creative, energetic state for your imagination and creativity to flow. Images, experiences, messages are all collected from this guided meditation.

Coaching Session – Client presents elements of the meditation, and after some time away to process, reflect, and develop. Coach will provide provocative questions and interpretations to help develop further.

Presentation – Client takes the results of processing and reflection, and forms a cohesive view as it relates to their intention. Presentation helps firm up in client’s mind some relevant interpretations and meanings of their experience as it relates to their future directions.

This workshop can also be done individually or as a group. If you are interested in gaining more insight into who you really are, utilize your inherent creativity to uncover what you truly should become and where you should move towards, this workshop is for you!

If you are interested in this work, please contact me for more information.

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