A Million Years of Evolution Appearing Right Before My Eyes

This week I’ve got 6 full days learning about Frequency Specific Microcurrent. Having had some pretty amazing results with a nerve entrapment issue, and then some equally amazing results with spinal issues, I had to sign up for their next class which just happened to be in my backyard here in SF!

Yesterday was a deluge of great information. But one thing stuck out for me in a practicum demo where the instructor, Carolyn McMakin, demonstrated the fixing of a shoulder problem using FSM the whole time.

The volunteer’s shoulder was very restricted and he could not raise the arm above his head very well. She proceeded to, like most physical therapists, to release the muscles around the shoulder (although I should add that using FSM, she could do things that normal PTs could never do without it).

This is where things diverged quickly. Normally in a rehab situation, you’d assign specific exercises to retrain the movement patterns so that the right muscles would fire. In the case of the shoulder, this means bringing back balance to all the muscles supporting the shoulder, so that the glenohumeral joint remains in the right place through its entire range of motion.

We didn’t do that!

Using FSM, we were able to retrain the entire set of muscles around the shoulder in about 10 minutes! I saw a scapula’s stabilizers released, then not able to fire properly but almost there, and then by the end, *all* muscles were firing properly and the scapula tracked the arm swing upward properly and he had his full range of motion back! Wow!

I queried the instructor on this amazing result and she noted that basically the human body knows what to do. It’s burned into our nervous system. We just need to give it the opportunity to re-express itself and re-establish, which was inhibited by the previous trauma. Once we removed the effects of the trauma, the old programming could kick back in, with a little help with FSM stimulating the right centers of the brain.

I think back to all the clients I’ve had whom I’ve assigned exercises to. When I see them again, they always tell me they didn’t keep up with the exercises. While the body can be retrained like that – I can personally attest to that, but I am not your normal person; if I put my mind to it, I will do the same boring exercises over and over again, every day, for months on end. And that does work. But 21st century humans aren’t typically able to maintain that kind of focus, even if it does work. But now with FSM as a tool, this process can be done in less than an hour. And according to the FSM practitioners, this retraining actually sticks and is not temporary.

Frickin’ amazing – here was a million years of evolution appearing right before my eyes: our primal movement patterns are a natural and instinctive part of us and we just needed to create the right conditions for it to come back.

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