A Pause on Swim Coaching and Personal Training

It was with heavy heart that I sent emails to the relevant folks that I was putting a pause on my swim coaching and personal training, with an undefined restart time. The pandemic had a huge role in this decision, having closed my ability to take clients the pool I trained them in, and also closed the gym where I had just signed up to bring new clients.

Prior to the pandemic, I had a regular business, especially those of swimming. I had built up some notoriety, even having clients coming from Israel and Singapore to hang out with me to learn something new. I also enjoyed not only the swimming community, but that of kettlebells and calisthenics, and the rehab communities I also belonged to where I could learn even more on how to get people to move properly.

The pandemic crushed all that. Not only could I not meet anyone live to train, but also I myself didn’t feel super comfortable meeting up with people wherever we could to work out. The early fears of the unknown aspects of the virus had me very concerned about catching it, but also bringing it home to my family.

It just so happened that while this was happening, I had also been training to become a health and life coach. This training proved to be extremely fortuitous as it was already done all online via Zoom, so when the pandemic hit, this side of business never paused and continued to grow. I was able to gain additional skills, education, and credentialing, and ultimately it landed me contract jobs at two of the largest companies providing mental health coaching to corporations as a benefit, Modern Health and BetterUp. Here I have to thank the pandemic for likely one of the few positive aspects, which is while mental health began to decline, it also provided the need for coaches to help an ever growing population of people find solutions amidst these turbulent times.

I also just signed up with another corporate/executive coaching operation called Unalome Agency which broadens my scope to executive and workplace coaching.

And now, as the pandemic and its responses are beginning to end, I find that my days are completely booked with clients and that I have no time for anything else! It was pointless to continue to say I was available for swim coaching and personal training as I didn’t have any time to see any one.

I want to thank all my previous clients for putting their trust in my teachings and hope they learned something through the process. I also want to thank those communities I was involved in, and hope to stay a part of them as I enjoy seeing their posts and learning from the struggles and their solutions. At some point, I may come back to swim coaching or personal training, but unfortunately it will have to wait as I continue to follow the path of life and health coaching, in both the evidenced based and esoteric methods that I am diving into.

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