Anatomy Trains

My physical therapist turned me on to Anatomy Trains. In their own words, Anatomy Trains are:
“Anatomy Trains provides a precise map of the ‘anatomy of connection’ – the whole-body fascial and myofascial linkages, leading to holistic strategies for health professionals, movement teachers, and athletes to resolve complex postural and movement patterns.”
What all that means is that just because you are sore in one place, that treating that location may not help you in the long run. Local treatment may relieve the symptoms, but it turns out that problems in one area are often the chaining effect of muscles, structures, and posture running all around your body.
I have a classic Anatomy Train issue. When you look at the muscles where I tend to have problems, they all run up and down my body in one of the Anatomy Trains. So when my physical therapist treats me, he doesn’t just work on the areas where my tightness/soreness are, he works the whole chain up and around my body to make sure they are all relieved of tension and back into functional mode.
The effectiveness is really amazing. My physical therapist related to me a patient who has this nagging problem and it would not go away, but once he started treating the Anatomy Train in which the problem resided, it turned out that the nagging problem finally went away and the patient’s performance also increased!
I find this myofascial stuff fascinating. Years ago, they knew nothing about this and the science and medicine has advanced greatly. Given that I am trying to achieve some sort of athletic excellence relative to myself, and I push my body quite hard given my age and ability to recover, treating my body as a system of Anatomy Trains has worked wonders in keeping me going through the season and injury free.

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  1. peg Avatar

    I agree completely! I’m a massage therapist and I’m heading to Northern Virginia this weekend to take one of Tom Myer’s Anatomy Trains classes. I can’t wait!

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