Animal Flow Level 2, August 21-22, 2021

Following on my Animal Flow Level 1 certification, and thankful for pandemic times to bring this workshop to us via Zoom, I hopped into the Level 2 certification back in August 21-22, 2021.

It was a great experience and also raised the bar in terms of athleticism. There were many new moves to learn and master and the instructors Freyja Spence and Roshan Chopra were excellent. Here is me during a class flow that we designed:

I loved this continuation from Level 1. One of my main challenges now is holding a tuck handstand for even one second! Super hard for me and for some reason with legs bent is feels harder than with legs extended. I am thinking it is because trying to balance the weight distribution of bent legs versus straight is more difficult.

Still, now that I have learned a lot of Level 2 moves, I am now closer to being able to practice some of the more advanced flows on their app. I also feel an improvement in variety, options, and also aesthetics in the movements. It is definitely one of the things I enjoy most about Animal Flow which is its ability to combine creativity and grace in movement, similar to dance and the expression it brings, as well as health and strength.

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