Carbo Pro! My Vineman Half Ironman Nutrition Strategy

Just discovered Carbo-Pro. WOW! A tasteless addition to any sports drink, it dissolves perfectly and hasn’t upset my stomach. It has added to my stamina during biking. Just an extra scoop of this stuff in each large water bottle gives me an extra 100 calories or so in each bottle, which effectively doubles the calories in each bottle. Not so sure about running though – might stick to Coke.
Vineman Half-Ironman nutrition is working out to be:

  • One Balance Bar, Yogurt Peanut, one bite every 15 min starting about .5 hour after start of bike.
  • GU Gel, Plain, one at start of bike, then starting 1.5 hours after bike start, one GU every hour.
  • 2 large water bottles, 1.5 scoops Accelerade Lemon Lime, 1 scoop Carbo-Pro per bottle.


  • GU Gel, Plain, every 45 min on the run.
  • 2 large Fuel Belt Bottles full of flat Coke, if they are not serving Coke. If they are, then 2 large Fuel Belt Bottles full of Accelerade Lemon Lime plus a scoop of Carbo-Pro.

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