Compression Works Part II

This last week, after my long ride, I decided to try a pair of compression tights which cover my entire legs instead of just my calves. I was curious to see if they would work on my entire legs, versus just in my calves.
I had a pair of 2XU Tights which I hadn’t tried before and put them on now.
It was a warm day in Palo Alto and those tights were kind of warm to wear. I wonder about racing in them during hot climates, but perhaps I would just get used to them. I walked around all day with them and only took them off to go to sleep.
I think they definitely worked. My legs weren’t feeling as tight as on days that I didn’t wear those tights. The next morning, they were definitely less wiped out and felt fresher than without wearing those tights all day.
I think combining the tights with ice baths, which I will start to do once my ride times get longer, should help my recovery a great deal.

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