Cyclic Sighing to Calm Yourself and Lower Anxiety

Want an easy way to calm yourself, and potentially remove any anxiety?

Enter Cyclic Sighing.

Researchers at Stanford University have found this simple breathing technique can relax you quickly as well as lowering anxiety and have you in a better mood all day! And it only takes about 5 minutes! And such powerful results for such a short time.

It’s super simple. Here’s the protocol:

Inhale through the nose. Pause. Then take another inhale through the nose, filling your lungs even further. Then, let the air out slowly. Repeat.

Repeat for about 5 minutes, and then see how you feel then.

Try it now. How did it work for you?

Some thoughts on optimizing this practice:

Take note of your breathing rate of inhales and exhales. With each successive inhale/exhale, try to lengthen both the inhales, and exhales, especially making the exhales super long and slow, much longer than the 2 inhales.

Focus on the breath. Clear the mind and just shift your attention to your breath only.

Close your eyes. Be as present as possible.

If possible, breathe only through your diaphragm. (Learn how here.)

Also, while the practice calls for exhaling through the mouth, I would not recommend it. Instead, I would breathe out through the nose.

How does this practice resonate with you?

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