Have You Set Your Intention Today?

On this amazingly nice sunny day, I set out for a nice ruck with 50 pounds of weight in a pack.

When I ruck, or in any workout for that matter, I always set at least one intention. 

Today’s intention was a movement cue and to be done with every step of each foot. I would push off the big toe, and then make sure I fully extend the leg behind me before I swing it forward.

What great results! Pushing off the big toe engages the gluteus maximus, and by fully extending the leg I would engage the rear chain of muscles from the glutes all the way down to the foot to propel myself forward. 

As a result, I was more upright. My posture was so much better. I felt more energized, and had more authority with every step.

All with a simple intention and then riding the power of intention to do it.

As Mando would put it – THIS IS THE WAY.

In coaching my clients, we often discuss the power of intention setting. By setting an intention you can exponentially energize your path towards any goal.

All you have to do is set it.

Thinking it can be enough. This is the first level.

Vocalizing it creates way more energy around it. This is the second level.

Shouting it raises its power even further.

Insert some physical movement, and it grows even more. This is the highest level.

Give it a try. Create an intention to set. Then think it. How did that feel?

Then say it out loud. Notice any differences?

Now shout it out. What just happened?

Finally, shout it out and make fist pumps and jump up and down. How does the intention feel now? How did your desire to make this intention happen change? 

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