Have You Thanked Someone Today?

For something big or small? Or something they did, either now or sometime in the past?

It turns out that there are some amazing effects to the recipient of that thanks that come with expressing genuine gratitude.

The act of receiving thanks activates what are called “pro-social” and “feel good” circuits in the brain.

Knowing that someone appreciated something they did.
That they had a positive effect on another human.
And to be recognized for it, even when they didn’t look for or ask for it.

It turns out there is a body of research backing all this.

So encouraging you to engage more in social activities, to look for ways of bonding with other people. And to feel good about taking part in these activities.

All from you giving thanks. Wouldn’t that be worth doing all from a simple word of thanks? And in this case, giving the gift of positivity and gratitude to another?

Give it a try now. Find someone around you. Someone you know or someone you don’t know. Note something you want to express genuine gratitude about, with respect to that person. Then express it to that person.

It can be anything. Even just appreciation for them showing up today. Big or small, past or present. It doesn’t matter.

Observe their reaction. What do you see happening?

A smile? A lighting up of their face? Change in their demeanor? Rising energy?

And by the way, how do you feel when you see that happen?

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