I Am Without My Normatec MVP UGH

Last year, I got hold of a Normatec MVP and immediately fell in love with it. Going through Ironman training with it has been amazing; after my long rides/runs, I would use it for 30-45 minutes and my legs would feel so refreshed and recovered, and help me be ready for the next day’s workout.
The other week, my MVP electronics unit died! Training for a marathon right now, I am building up to my usual 3 hour/18 mile runs. But man, I can sure feel the difference even so early in my build. I’ve only been running about 1 to 1:15 but working hard with a lively negative split each time.
Without the MVP, I am feeling so much more tighter and sore than using it immediately post-workout. Yesterday after running, I started up my ice baths but that was still not enough to match the effects of a 30-45 minute session with the MVP.
I sent it back to be fixed last week and cannot wait to get it back soon…!

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