IM Brazil: Next Steps

Post-race I am thinking of these things to work on:
1. I’m still having trouble running off the bike for Ironman. I need to examine brick workouts and training for a fast Ironman shuffle in cases where my legs are not able to run with my normal stride and technique.
2. I need to continue building run strength, doing hill repeats galore.
3. Biking strength was decent for this race, but I want to continue building with Kings Mtn hill repeats, mixed in with Old La Honda repeats and sometimes doing fast, short, sprints up Mt. Eden.
4. Swimming I’m not so worried about and I will continue working on the continuous propulsion technique and extending my stamina. I think if it wasn’t for the strong current and the partial running on the beach, I would have come in about the same time as my other IM swims.
5. For IM WA coming up later this year, I may try to find some time to get more used to long rides in aero position, as supposedly it’s a very flat race. Well, they ALWAYS SAY it’s flat, but you never know until you get there.
6. Recover, recover, recover. Then rally for Ironman Half Vineman coming up late July.

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