IM Brazil: Pasta Party 5-25-07 Friday Night

Going to the pasta party is always an interesting affair. The pasta party was held in this big building which was FREEZING. Florianopolis, while sunny and warm in the sun, drops to Bay area chill when the sun disappears. No tea or coffee in sight, my bones were chilly through dinner. It was tough paying attention to the show, which was mostly in Portuguese. They gave away some stuff by calling race numbers, but I could not understand what they were saying and probably won something but had no idea.
I stuffed myself with two plates of pasta, and then wolfed down some fruit. After eating my fruit, I did learn something really useful. My buddy grabbed a mango and we proceeded to fumble through cutting it open. It was then a lady sitting next to us from France, with a truly disgusted French look on her face, grabbed it from my buddy and said something like “Geez, let me show you how it’s done.” She cuts a crosshatch pattern into the mango slice and then bends it open. Voila! You now can take bites out of it.
You learn something new everyday, even from French people…

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