IM CDA: Friday Swimming

This morning I woke again early to light streaming in the windows at 530a. I got up around 7am and Dan was already up. But as we were sitting there, he reading email and me eating cereal it starts to rain hard. Ugh we think – not good for Sunday if this keeps up. But a few minutes later, it stops. Our hopes rise.
Around 8am we grab our stuff and head out to the swim start to go try out the swim course. There we meet up with the Trimaven boys and the ever-present Ironman racer Keish, who shows up at almost every Ironman.
The waters of Coeur d’Alene Lake were very choppy. We went to get our wetsuits on and jumped into the water. The waves were high and annoying; they battered us head-on so that whenever we sighted, we would get a face full of water. The waves were so severe that when I would take a breath to the right, I would sometimes see a mountain of water crest and fly over my head as I ran into a wave. As we get out and get undressed, we met a lot of SF triathletes who are also racing this coming weekend.

The last picture is of my beautiful photographer wife.

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  1. tony z Avatar
    tony z

    that water does not look appealing!!!

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