IM CDA: Hanging Out in CDA

Yesterday’s travel really sucked. Whenever it’s windy and/or foggy at SFO, the air traffic gets delayed by many hours. So we didn’t take off until 4pm (scheduled for 1240p). It was a short hop to Spokane and on/off raining when we got here. A quick 40 minute ride got us to Coeur d’Alene and then to our rental house. Not a bad place, a bit rustic but with all modern furnishings and appliances.
Feeling a bit stuffed up since yesterday. Not sure if it’s allergies or something else. It would really suck if it were something else like a cold. That’s what I don’t need right before the race!
Weather is variable – rainy yesterday, sunny today. Temps are fairly cool which is good. It’s a bit breezy but not so good. Will head over to the expo today and go shopping, also pick up my bike later today. Will probably go for a ride on the bike course and check it out, assuming I feel OK.

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