IM CDA: The Day After

The day after is usually one that is filled with stiff muscles and a wasted body. I felt more stressed than usual, crediting that to the extra cold temps and battling the hills. So I spent the day drinking protein powder laden drinks, taking BCAAs and Glutamine pills, and lots of Emergen-C to try to get my system back in action ASAP.
We went back to the Pita Pit to have lunch. I had a chicken souvlaki pita which was real good.

Afterwards, we strolled a bit to check out Coeur d’Alene and to keep the blood flowing in my legs. There seems to be an obsession with mooses here in CDA. Not sure why.

I met a moose once. It was huge. I hear they are big and mean animals. I hope I never meet one in the forest. I cannot imagine one charging down on me with those huge antlers of theirs. Very scary.
Back home, Dan’s energy finally runs out and he’s sacked out on the couch:

At night, I go to the Brix Chop House for some steak dinner. On the menu, there was mashed potatoes but no baked potatoes. How strange. I just wanted a regular baked Idaho potato with my steak. Nope. Nada. Only mashed potatoes, either parmesan garlic or some mix of bacon, cheese, and other stuff. Do they only keep the ugly potatoes (after shipping the beautiful looking potatoes elsewhere) such that they can’t even serve them like that in restaurants, and they have to resort to mushing them up to sell them?

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