IM FL 2008: Race Details Commentary Part II

Some more comments:
13. Be wary of low temperatures in the mornings…and at night when the sun sets! Not so bad in the morning with a wetsuit on, but if you’re still out running and the sun starts going down, better KEEP RUNNING or else walking will potentially make you hypothermic, given your clothes being damp from sweat and then your body just cooling down tremendously.
14. I hate 2 loop swims. Running out on the beach slowed me down by 2-3 minutes I think.
15. Panama City Beach is on the panhandle of Florida, which is actually in CENTRAL time while the rest of Florida is in EASTERN time. My watch was all messed up in calculating the local time and almost messed up my pickup time at the airport!
16. Watch out for 728 lbs. Mako Sharks when you swim….Just kidding.

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