IM FL 2008: The Day After

Getting up this morning wasn’t too bad. I think my body is adapting to the abuse I give it every Ironman!
I drop off my bike at TriBike Transport and then head to the expo. There I pick up my pics which I will post later once I get home to my scanner. I also go to get my finisher’s certificate.

Walking then over to the store, I wait in line to get in to buy finisher’s gear. What a zoo that was. I did buy a cool finisher’s jacket which I can use during cold Ironmans. I hope to get that 6-8 weeks from now since they ran out of my size.
Then, Dan and I go to get lunch at a strip mall which actually makes Panama City Beach not look like a redneck riviera but like a normal place. We stop in at the Hofbrau Beer Garden where we buy 1 liter beers and some Roladen and Bratwurst to celebrate our PRs at Ironman yesterday:

Those beers were huge! I don’t think I’ve drunk a liter of beer in…decades?

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