IM FL 2008: Weather Outlook Lookin’ Great

Check out the Panama City Beach weather report.
It’s forecast to be a high of 74 and low of 54, mostly sunny. Thank god. Two years ago, apparently it was cold and rainy the whole day. That would definitely make for a miserable race. I have yet to race in the rain and know that someday I will, but I hope that day is far far FAR in the future (or better yet, never).
Here I sit Sunday morning, gathering all my things in preparation for the race. I’m stuffing all this stuff into ziploc bags and hope I don’t forget anything (like my aero helmet last year DUH!). Also, I do hope my bike arrives in one piece via TriBike Transport. Seeing it leave my sight last weekend was tough!
After 4 Ironmans, I don’t have much anticipation any more, but rather the stoicism of having done a few of these before. I’m sure I’ll get more amped when I get to Panama City Beach.

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