IM WA: A Dip in Rough Waters

This morning a bunch of us went for a swim and it was truly a rough experience.

The rain started coming down and the wind whipped up the water. What’s up with the rain!?!?! Isn’t there a drought in Australia?!?!? We went out but it was hard negotiating the 2-3′ waves. I think I swallowed quite a bit of water! In the pictures, you can see the mile long jetty along which we swim. We didn’t make it all the way around as it was rough enough just getting out about half way.

After we got out, it got even worse and I felt for the other triathletes coming in to take a dip; there were white caps by the time we left. Supposedly the rain will stop later today. We should be having great weather and can only hope the wind will also die down too.

So far, there seem to be many Bay area folks here at the race, some in the group photo above. Nice to have fellow Californians around!

Today we head for registration and, of course, shopping at the expo!

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