Overtrained Week 2

I’m into week 2 of my overtrained state. I did nothing for 4 days, and then yesterday I went for a test swim as I was going stir crazy. Besides, I am big on active recovery and not just sitting around. I took it very easy, and then tested some very short sprints (25m). HR climbed up but didn’t feel like my heart was pounding. I suppose that’s a good sign.
Slowly but surely the weird feeling in my lungs is subsiding a bit. I seem to be ok sustaining aerobic workouts, but haven’t tested threshold workouts and probably won’t until at least next week.
First order of business is to get this feeling out of my lungs and just get back to some state of normalness. Then I can ramp again.
The worst thing for athletes is to just sit around. We always want to do something. But sometimes we need to heal and recover. I just keep telling myself that.
I’m going for a 1.5 hour run today and seeing how things go.

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