Overwhelmed By Too Many Options, Too Many Thoughts?

Is your mind filled with thoughts? Worried about making the wrong choice? Do you find your mind racing and chasing negative outcomes of an uncertain future?

You’re not alone – so many of clients come to me suffering from their minds filled with all sorts of worries and scenarios, and feeling frozen and not able to move on anything. They are fearful and anxious, and as a result have poor sleep and heightened stress. They can’t focus nor make any kind of move towards anything.

But the answer is often very simple. Your existence is not just your thoughts.

Our society makes it seem that thoughts and intellect alone will save the day, and is the ultimate solution to everything including saving humanity from extinction.

If that were true, you would be able to think your way out of your overwhelm, no?


The problem here is that your brain is running around without any emotional or self centered rudder. It’s like a boat on rough seas that can’t steer; the rough seas just batter you and toss you around, and threaten to drag you down into the whirlpool of fear and worry!

As powerful the intellect might be, it is not the only thing that is a part of us, and that makes the solution to overwhelm is very easy.

All you need to do is to connect your brain to your heart and gut, and ask them what they say.

Say what? My heart and gut don’t talk or think! What gives?

You’d be surprised.

I just had two clients come in with this problem.

Both could not help but be dragged to uncertain futures. They were worried about getting laid off. How would they support themselves, if they were? They were fearful about their work; was it good enough? What would make it good enough? I’ll get fired if it’s not!

(Insert desperate scream here: AAAAAAUUUGGHHHG!!!!)

In both cases, I simply asked them both to ask their heart and gut about what their wildly spinning thoughts.

And in both cases, they got answers which were re-affirming, confidence building, reassuring, and grounding. Immediately they let out a deep breath, calmed down, and came back to the world feeling a ton better.

Wow magic right?

So – do you suffer from an overwhelmed, spinning, maelstrom of thoughts leading you to stress, uncertainty, and fear?

If so, have you checked in with the rest of you lately?

Give it a try and see what happens!

Need help? Comment below and we’ll see what we can do for you!

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