Runnin’ with Turkeys

Yesterday, I ran Rancho San Antonio and did my painful hill repeats.
The turkeys were out in force. Ten hens with one big male, tail feathers all spread out like he was somethin’ else. Peacockin’ ain’t just for pickup artists! But it was fun flying past them and seeing a whole bunch of wild turkeys struttin’ about while I was doing my intervals.
4 loops this time. I was going to do 5, but on the 4th I’m going up the hill and I come up behind another dude. He was running ok but I managed to pass him. I keep going at steady pace, but then I hear steps and his heavy breathing right behind me. I pick it up a bit just to keep ahead, but I hear him breathing and know he is only a few steps behind me. I get a bit more competitive. I pick it up more and he is still just behind me and I’m running hard now but not so hard that I’m flaming out.
He on the other hand is taking heavy breaths. I know his flame out is near and wonder if he will pass me. I pick it up a bit more and then…as I pull up to the top of the hill, I hear Mr. Heavy Breather drop off and know he just flamed out. I soar up and over and proceed fast down the other side.
Turkeys and a bit of pick me up all in one day. Nice.

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